• Boutique

    Madari Equestrian is a boutique equestrian shop, we are proud to offer our own line of premium riding gear and apparel. Our products are designed with the needs of riders and horse in mind and are crafted from the highest-quality materials to ensure durability, performance, and comfort.

  • USA Design

    Our design process starts with extensive research and testing to ensure that our products meet the needs and wants of riders. We work closely with a team of experienced equestrians and product consultants to get feedback and refine our designs until we are confident that we have created the best possible product.

  • Who Are We

    At the heart of Madari Equestrian is a mother and daughters who share a profound love for horses. Together they have been enamored with horses for over 50 years. Their mission is to create riding apparel that strikes the perfect balance between fashion and function.